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The playfulness is the signature characteristic of Dutch designer Elisa Luttik.”Act&Interact” collection includes the hand-tufted 100% New Zealand wool carpet, consist of rectangular rugs in three shades of grey, and the classical mirror cabinet. The slim-lined brass frame and the grey-toned mirrored surfaces might look like they come from the classical interior of an Amsterdam canal house in the Golden Age! The transparent “Prismania” chair is both an artefact and a chair: at the one point you can barely see it, take another step and it will show yo all the colours of the spectrum due to dicroic film.

I fell in love for the lamp “Cirkel wall light” designed by the Dutch duo Daphna Laurens. The designers said that the project is the result of her exercise “with the circle cut,flip, roll, draw, contemplate, compose, scale, materialize and prototype”!
The “Rhythm of light” chandelier it’s designed by Susanne de Graef, another cool Dutch designer.

LaSelva is a design studio of designers duo Manuel Bano and David Galvan operating from Spain to Mexico. In these pictures you can see the ceramic module “Atlas”(with a detail of the machining step) and some vases and candleholder from their collections. “Atlas” provides a frame with six positions creating a pattern similar to a maze. The different paths of the module continue to adjacent modules communicating with each other. Some of them are finite paths and others continue indefinitely their way.

The amazing carpet of Swiss company Schonstaub have been one of more interesting news of this year!
I’ll write soon a post dedicated to them!

The Studio Umu Design presented an objects series used in Japanese traditional food and living culture. My favourite it’s “Tsumugi”, a bowls colelction with 9 different shapes, each one has a specific name according to the use of the bowl (for example celebration, prosperity, welcome ecc.)

All photos by The Lightline

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