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As I mentioned in the post on the preview about Design Week 2015, a new feature this year was exhibition at Dusan Showroom called “Brand New World”. Produced by Vesna and Jovan Jelovac, forecaster of design future, Brand New World presents some of the most exiting design works of 2015 and shows the new concept of Designers – Makers – Entrepreneurs rethinking the entire busisess and creative model that was unthinkable until few years ago. I found exhibition very interesting and all the companies gave me a great creative energy!

Studio Appetit is a dutch studio that explores the everyday aestethics of food and its ornamental value, based on flavors trend forecasting and development. It’s a new embodiment of fashion, combinig design objects, edible products, visual and fragrances, timeless yet changing by the season. All the objet-tableware and furniture and jewlery, serve in their own way as a metod to present food: from changing the way to prepare food and the way you serve it, to exploring new ways to eating.

This is new light project of Studio Drift, whose works is focused on visual language characterized by dreamy and poetic aesthetics. Their goal is to create a dialogue between nature and tecnology to find a new synergy. Studio Drift is famous for his light installation, that this year is made of glass jars of different sizes with colored Led inside, so nice!

Amazing miror by Israeli designer Ilan Garibi for Talent Design Gallery of Tel Aviv. The gallery has been recognized for its iconic Isareli Design Collection that embody passion and bold creativity. Ilan Garibi trasforms the Japanese art of paper folding by using staineless stell in his work and creates architectural sculptures out of a single sheets of stainless steel. The mirrored surface reflects its surrondings which lends itself to a cubist appereance.

Some of my favorite pieces from Dante-Goods and Bads. The studio was funded by artist Aylin Langreuter and industrial designer Christophe de la Fontaine in 2012.

Low table by Reinier Bosch and Carolina Wilcke, both graduates from Design Academy Eindhoven. Since then their work has been shown by several galleries at Design Miami/Basel and PAD fair in Paris. At BNW Milan 2015 they worked together with glass blowers in the Czech Republic, paying with transparencies, mixing colors, combinig textures and materials. Very pop and stilish work!

Buro Belèn is a brand from Netherlands formed by two designers from Eindhoven Design Academy, Lenneke Langenhuijen and Brecht Dujif. Belèn works on materials and colour concepts in the fields of product design, interior design and exhibition design. Central to their approach are the intuitive, emotional and physical aspects of design, resulting in products and visions that show unespected applications ofmaterials and colours, as well as revaluations of conventional techniques. Here some pieces from “Falling Rocks” series, sculptural tables made out with soft textile base on which hard stone slabs, and “TuTu” stool made with wood frame and covered with fabric. In Belèn’s products I love contaminations with different materials, hard and sof, and beautiful color palette.

All photos by The Lightline



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