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This rainy tuesday makes me think back to the smell of wet earth that I heard coming at installation “Raw Nature” presented in Milan gallery Dilmos…it was like stepping into the jungle! During Milan Design Week to present 15 artists, Casa Vogue Brasil created a special sensorial installation for Dilmos based on the photographic project “Coexistência” by Brazilian artist Ilana Bessler, with the collaboration of a prestigious group of professionals. Here are the artists that I liked more!

This table was designed by Alessandro Ciffo to meet the need to increase a table’s usable surface area by adapting over-sized legs as shelves. The silicone takes the edges off sharp corners and the new UVA-resistant pigmentation means it can be kept outside, an innovation that proves necessary when using wooden materials outdoors.

Roberto Mora’s burnt paper is the natural evolution of a creative process that began in 2008. Today, this designer doesn’t stop at twisting iron plate in order to create effects that imitate crumpled paper; he observes and imitates what happens next – i.e. the colour changes caused by burning – whilst attempting to focus on what is lost in the process.

The artist Andrea Salvetti has stolen my heart! His creations stem from a feeling that Nature will take its revenge on Man, inspired by the conviction that the Earth will soon re-establish a balance. These are simple, useful, solid and durable objects that last beyond the temporary state of our passing existence here on Earth.

All photos bt The Lightline

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